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Overland Expedition Planning

Planning can make or break your overland expedition. Have you heard the stories about someone running out of gas on the trail? Or stuck in the snow for days before someone finds them? The absence of a plan may be alluring based on the idea of unplugging on an overland...

Roadschool: How We Educate While Living in a Motorhome

Roadschool is the best option if you’re looking for ways to educate while living in a motorhome, RV, or overland vehicle. Check out why we roadschool and some of the resources we use while traveling full-time.

How-To Guide for the Overlanding Family

Family overland expeditions are an excellent way to travel. Check how our how-to guide to get your overlanding family on the trail and learn about our top off road gear for jeep camping.


To support family adventures through overlanding, RVing, and roadschooling.

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